We want to reduce barriers at the festival and give all visitors – as far as possible – the possibility to participate in the program, including workshops and cultural program.

We are aware of the fact that we cannot provide complete freedom from barriers on the fclr. We are trying hard to offer a festival that approaches that goal. We apologize for any information not available in English, and especially for the limited workshop availibility.

Here are some of the things we offer during the festival:

  • Good accessibility to the festival grounds, rooms and toilets. (The accessibility of the grounds is constrained when raining)
  • Protection against noise: Earplugs will be available and handed out.
  • Online directions and accessibility advice
  • Signs will be put up to help find the way to – and around – the festival grounds
  • Maps of the festival grounds will be handed out
  • Faucet water for free
  • Security- and Awareness-Teams
  • child care